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Pioneered the development of visual neuroprostheses (Bionic Eyes) in Australia. With half a dozen patents and several new disruptive neural interface technologies that make the device significantly more functional and novel than competitive technologies. A pre-clinical prototype has been developed.

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Competitive advantage

  • Multi-disciplinary team working at the interface of biology and engineering
  • Extensive patent portfolio covering industrial and biomedical aspects of implantable bionics technology
  • Design approaches and facilities that include Quality Management Systems following ISO13485 principles


  • A Bionic Eye is currently the only approach to provide vision restoration in diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa
  • Currently millions of people worldwide have retinal degeneration that could be treated by a Bionic Eye

Successful applications

  • Preclinically tested prototype of 98-channel visual neuroprosthesis
  • Neurostimulation microelectronics for stimulation and recording with wider uses in implantable and wearable devices

Capabilities and facilities

  • Biomedical microfabrication facility
  • A range of electrophysiology, animal surgery, and microscopy setups for biological assessment of technology
  • Access to engineers and infrastructure at the Australian National Fabrication Facility

Our partners

  • International collaborators in Asia, Europe and America