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UNSW Arts & Media is a rich and diverse group of interdisciplinary research fields which makes exciting links across areas of specialisation, and engage in theoretical, practical, and creative approaches to addressing social issues.

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Competitive advantage

  • Distinguished by contemporary and interdisciplinary scholarship in the creative and performing arts and humanities, UNSW is a national leader in these research fields
  • “Wicked problems” in our society require innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to which the Arts & Media can contribute to maximise social and economic benefits


  • Researchers in the school have examined into the history of trust as a concept in philosophy and social theory and how trust has changed historically in response to social change
  • Comparative analysis of the role of digital communication technologies in sociocultural transformations in Asia’s largest economies, India and China.

Capabilities and resources

  • UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) is a specialised network of performance venues, rehearsal studios and technical resources which industry partners can access. CPL staff members are industry professionals, technical magicians, filmmakers, producers, sound makers and production designers. We work closely with students, researchers and artists to develop new work and we program a range of inspiring events throughout the year.
  • Visiting Artists & Creative Projects : We work with industry partners from artist development to production and incorporate artists’ process and outcomes into teaching and research. Visiting artists provide opportunities for researchers and students to engage with their work, providing expertise in specific disciplinary fields and access to creative networks.

Our partners

  • Government; Arts and Cultural Organisations; Corporate partners for sponsorship and collaborative creative projects