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Combining in-depth material science know-how with advanced device simulation to optimise the performance of silicon solar cells by applying thin surface passivation layers.

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Competitive advantage

  • World-class understanding of device-relevant fundamentals
  • Capability to synthesise a wide range of surface passivation materials/stacks in-house
  • Field-leading characterisation capabilities
  • The first to develop a method for extracting the quantity of charge in dielectrics on doped silicon surfaces


  • As the surfaces of a silicon solar cell typically contribute the highest efficiency loss, this optimisation improves their long-term performance.

Successful outcomes

  • One of the main pioneers in the development of aluminium oxide which is now the de facto standard used in PERC solar cells
  • Worked with various non-disclosed equipment suppliers and solar cell manufacturers to optimise surface passivation using their unique technologies
  • Developed an intrinsically safer process for the deposition of aluminium oxide surface passivation films
  • Currently unravelling the surface passivation fundamentals of complex three-dimensional structures such as those used for black silicon

Capabilities and facilities

  • Access to and experience in state-of-the-art device simulation tools
  • In-house laboratory and pilot-scale thin film fabrication capabilities for a wide range of surface passivation films

Our partners

  • Leadmicro, a leading equipment manufacturer from China
  • A number of non-disclosed solar cell manufacturers