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Advanced sensing systems provide an integrated solution for environmental and safety monitoring across a range of industries, including mining, defence, agriculture, forestry, food processing and health.

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Competitive advantage

  • Expertise in design of application-specific sensor hardware, data acquisition using various platforms including satellites and drones, and customised algorithms to convert the data into solutions
  • Environmental monitoring expertise in challenging environments—remote water quality, sensitive ecosystem health, remote monitoring for temperature, pressure, gases etc
  • Safety monitoring expertise, including structural deformation, hazardous spillage detection, in situ sampling and warning systems
  • Expertise in machine vision—real-time object tracking, target recognition, resolving patterns, image enhancements, and 2D- and 3D-mapping


  • Improved environmental sensing and safety management

Successful applications

  • A drone-based scanning system for mapping structural parameters of pit walls, Glendell coal mine, Glencore
  • Drone generated spatial data processing software, Agronomeye
  • Drone based hyperspectral mapping system to monitor sensitive swamp vegetation, Russel Vale colliery, WCL
  • Remote water sampling using drones, Glendell coal mine, Glencore
  • Thermal hotspot mapping using drones, Ulan Coal mine