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Advanced expertise in the design, modelling, optimisation, manufacturing and testing of lightweight fibre-reinforced composites enabling new materials and structures.

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Competitive advantage

  • Advanced expertise in lightweight fibre-reinforced composites and polymer materials
  • Expertise in design analysis, including computational modelling and optimisation
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques, including autoclave, thermal oven, resin infusion, compression moulding, solution casting, and 3D printing
  • Advanced testing facilities for static and fatigue loading, wear, impact, environmental (temperature) degradation, non-destructive evaluation, mechanical properties, durability


  • Lighter, stronger materials for improved performance

Successful applications

  • Flame-retarding composites
  • 3D non-crimp fibre preforms for polymer composites
  • Carbon fibre wheel to drive clean technology
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Aligning and chaining carbon nanofillers in fibre composites to improve damage tolerance and diagnosis

Structural batteries

  • Electrically conductive polymer coating
  • Nanocomposites for cryogenic hydrogen storage, Lockheed Martin, USA
  • Stretchable sensors

Capabilities and facilities

  • Comprehensive facilities for prototyping and testing including:
  • Automated composite manufacturing robots
  • Vacuum infusion devices
  • Industrial-scale autoclave
  • Extensive range of 3d printers
  • Ultrasonic system, laser vibrometer, shaker, piezoactuators, wet-chemical, and three roll mill

Our partners

  • GE Aerospace, CSIRO, Lockheed Martin,¬†Australian Advanced Aerospace Technologies