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Acoustic metamaterials, effective medium approximation and development of novel materials for maritime applications.

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Competitive advantage

  • Development of sound-absorbing materials for use as hull coatings
  • Design of composite materials with sub-wavelength acoustic capabilities.
  • Novel materials including locally resonant photonic crystals
  • Understanding acoustic performance by incorporating physical phenomena associated with size, shape and location of inclusions


  • Advances in design of hull coatings and the characterisation of novel materials to be applied in submarines and surface shipbuilding for the Royal Australian Navy
  • Minimising underwater noise pollution, contributing to the health of the natural marine environment
  • Maximising stealth capability through reduction of sonar detection

Capabilities and facilities

  • Expertise in multi-disciplinary numerical modelling on vibro-acoustics and flow induced noise

Our partners

  • Defence Science & Technology (DST)
  • Naval Group