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Exploring the challenges of visual narratives and developing novel ways to navigate complexity using creative methodologies from the video game, 3D computer animation and Virtual Reality (VR) creative content industries.

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Competitive advantage 

  • An award-winning cross-disciplinary research hub that explores arts-led approaches for visualising complex scientific and biomedical scan data
  • Research team with diverse multimedia and scientific backgrounds, and considerable industry experience
  • Proven ability to deploy design-led modes to the visualisation of complex scientific and biomedical data using 3D computer arts approaches, most recently VR Head Mounted Displays (HMD)


  • Award-winning visualisations with real-world applications, including disease comprehension and rehabilitation.
  • Successful applications  
  • VR Pain Management System provides effective distraction to hospital patients experiencing acute pain via a gamified exploration of virtual worlds. A collaboration with St Vincent’s Hospital and Samsung
  • ‘Journey to the Centre of the Cell’ project, which recreates a breast cancer cell, was nominated in the Best VizSim Project category for visualisations that have real-world applications, and for the overall Golden Cube award as part of the International 2016 Unity awards in Los Angeles, USA
  • ‘A fantastic voyage–travel inside your brain and visualise your own stroke’ was awarded the 2016 St Vincent’s Hospital Innovation & Excellence Award for clinical health engagement, allowing patients to explore personalised vascular scans

Capabilities and resources

  • Wide range of VR/AR systems
  • State-of-the-art 3D visualisation creative content studio
  • 3D computer workstations
  • Render farm systems