Understanding the ecology and evolution of Australia's biodiversity

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Members of the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre study marine and terrestrial ecosystems ranging from deserts to rainforests and coral reefs to Antarctic waters. E&ERC study plants, reptiles, insects, microbes, birds, fish, spiders and mammals, including humans. Research has important implications for conservation of the world's natural ecosystems.

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  • Internationally known for research in the fields of evolutionary biology, plant ecology, marine biology, animal behaviour and biostatistics
  • Apply expertise in ecology and evolution to inform the management of Australia's unique biodiversity

Successful outcomes

  • Contributed to the Commonwealth Government State of Environment Report
  • Served on conservation boards such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Advisory Panel
  • Spoken at the UN
  • Led the bushfire recovery project
  • Consulted on conservation of koalas and marine biodiversity