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A unique laboratory that aims to investigate the travel choice behaviour of car drivers. It is the world’s first laboratory in which multiple human drivers are able to drive around and interact in a single, virtual world.

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Competitive advantage

  • Pioneering work to study individual and group behaviour, and interactions with autonomous systems and data
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with world-leading researchers in travel choice, econometrics, experimental economics, simulation and transport network analysis
  • The laboratory is portable, which brings significant potential for international collaboration and allows experiments to be conducted anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection


  • Working towards safer, more efficient road transport systems

Successful applications

  • Understand driver choices in autonomous vehicles (Insurer)
  • Address the human factors critical to the successful deployment of automated vehicles (Australian Research Council linkage with government agencies, insurance companies and university partners)

Capabilities and facilities

  • Eye-tracking and psycho-physiological monitoring equipment
  • Five driving simulators and one bicycle simulator, all interconnected and able to interact with driving simulators at a partner university
  • Fully instrumented vehicle that can be controlled remotely

Our partners

  • Google
  • United States Department of Transp