Search using keywords

You can search our capabilities using a simple search, proximity search and by using operators.

Simple search

Type in the relevant word(s) you are looking for, by default, all articles containing at least one of the words specified will appear in the search result, in addition, the search result will also return synonyms and derivatives. For example, if you enter artificial intelligence, the search will return articles that contain the words AI, machine learning, neural networks and machine learning algorithms.

To search for a particular phrase, enclose the phrase in double quotes " ". For example. By typing “social robots” you will retrieve articles that contain that exact phrase. If you had entered social robotics without the double quotation marks, by default, the search will return articles containing the words social AND robotics, as the words don’t need to be next to each other, you may retrieve articles that aren't specifically about social robotics.

Proximity Searches

A proximity search looks for terms that are within a specific distance from one another. To perform a proximity search, add the tilde character ~ and a numeric value to the end of a search phrase. For example, to search for antibody and engineering within 10 words of each other within an article, type in "antibody engineering"~10

Operators to combine search terms

You can also drill down your search by using logical operators which are AND, NOT, OR, and must be typed in all uppercase.

  • NOT, alternative symbol !, requires that the following term not be present.
  • AND, alternative symbol &&, requires both terms on either side of the Boolean operator to be present for a match.
  • OR, alternative symbol ||, requires that either term (or both terms) be present for a match. The OR operator is the default conjunction operator. This means that if there is no operator between two terms, the OR operator is used. The OR operator links two terms and finds a matching article if either of the terms exist in a document.

Keyword search examples:

Keyword and operator

Searches for…



The word robotics or synonyms of robotics within the title or article


Clinical Machine Learning

The words clinical and machine and learning


“Artificial Intelligence”

The phrase Artificial Intelligence


"antibody engineering"~10

The words antibody and engineering close to one another (10 terms)


Energy OR fuel

The word energy or fuel


Technology NOT cryptocurrencies

The word technology and excludes cryptocurrencies


Social AND (Robots OR AI)

The word social and either robots or the word AI.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us. While we continue to add capabilities to the site, this remains a small sample of our expertise which are developing daily.