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Developing interpretable data mining, machine learning and deep learning algorithms—as well as designing systems and interfaces—to enable novel ways of human-machine interactions, including an improved understanding of challenges such as trust, explainability and resilience that improve human-autonomy partnership.

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Competitive advantage

A deep understanding of:

  • Human behaviour analysis from heterogeneous digital footprints
  • Anomaly detection: identifying rare or unusual events or observations
  • Information filtering: teaching machines how to proactively discover an item of interest and making computers aware of situations to assist humans to make better decisions
  • Brain-computer interface: building a direct communication pathway between the human brain and an external device in the outside world


  • Advanced algorithms for improved automation and better support for human-autonomy partnership
  • Advanced data analysis for improved collaborative reasoning and decision-making process

Successful applications

  • Trust-aware distributed AI autonomy
  • Context-aware intent prediction for human-autonomy cooperation
  • Improving resilience of autonomous cyber defence systems with self-healing
  • Opinion fraud detection
  • Thing-of-interest recommendation in the Internet of Things
  • Human abnormal activity detection
  • Mining Internet of Things intelligence
  • Capabilities and facilities
  • GPU-accelerated Data Analytical Platform

Our partners

  • Data61
  • US Navy Office of